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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery once helped you become a fat-burning furnace. But it only takes you so far before your body normalizes again. 

What if I told you that losing the regain was EASIER -- for both my husband and me -- than losing weight initially after surgery? 

Wouldn't you want that, too? 
How to Hack Your Metabolism & Become a Fat-Burning Furnace!
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: Keto as an Easy Lifestyle Choice
Why Keto is working so well for many post-op bariatric patients to get to goal weight, or lose their regain. I will tell you the science behind it as it applies to our unique situation of having had bariatric surgery, and if it is even right for you!
Secret #2: The Most Effective Exercise Plan for Burning Fat
Is going to the gym out of your comfort zone?  You will learn the best workouts for burning fat from the comfort of your home!
Secret #3: Effortless Fat Loss
No more deprivation. Break sugar addiction. Get skyrocketing energy, clarity of mind, better sleep. Your clothing magically growing every night. If these side effects sound good to you, then do not miss this webinar!
Laurie Cromie
Weight Loss Coach
About The Speaker:
Laurie Cromie is a weight loss coach who also oversees the bariatric surgery support website, After regaining half of her lost weight from pregnancy, she went on a mission to find the answer to regain, and lost 70 pounds to date.  Her husband Scott even lost 56 pounds following the same principles! Laurie wanted a space to teach the mindset aspect that is missing from most bariatric surgery programs, so in October 2018, she created a membership where she could laser focus on her members' personal issues, leading them to lasting effortless weight loss.
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